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Sarah Allen —  July 30, 2015
Best practice grains guideGrains industry chairmen Dan Cooper of NSW Farmers, Darren Arney of GPSA, Doug Clark of the WA Grains Group, Andrew Weidemann of Grain Producers Australia, Agforce’s Wayne Newton, Brett Hosking of the VFF, Andrew Carberry from Grain Growers and Duncan Young of WAFarmers all endorse the new National Grain Guide.

The national grains industry stewardship program, now referred to as the National Grain Guide, has been released with the support of eight grain industry bodies across Australia.

Several years in the making, the guide, titled Growing Australian Grain: Safely Managing Risks with Crop Inputs and Grain On Farm, was launched at the Australian Grains Industry Conference in Melbourne on Monday.

But while the guide is a voluntary code, the Pastoralists and Graziers Association continues to oppose its introduction, saying it will inevitably be used for the development of a regulatory approach to stewardship in the grains industry in the future.

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