Marshall on grains board

Sarah Allen —  August 13, 2015
Marshall on grains board

Pingelly farmer Ray Marshall has been elected to the board of national grains representative body Grain Producers Australia.

Mr Marshall, who runs a mixed sheep and cropping enterprise and has been involved in grains advocacy for 18 years, was first elected to the Grains Councils of WAFarmers in 1997.

He was the inaugural president of the Western Oats Alliance, now the GIWA Oats Council, and was involved in the development of the national guide to grain contracts with Grain Trade Australia.

Mr Marshall spent four years as part of the national strategic review of grains research and development and was the inaugural vice-president of the WA Grains Group.

He joins Miling grower Barry Large as the second Western Australia representative on the board, as the organisation moves to increase its membership base across the country.


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