5Like many good ideas, WA Grains Group (WAGG) was born out of frustration.

Frustration that our best interests as West Australian grain producers – who were, and still are, fighting for a future – were not being represented by traditional state agricultural lobby groups.

Since our first meeting in April 2007 we’ve grown considerably in number and strength. During this time we chose to focus our limited resources on presenting our alternative view to Canberra and the national and local media, as well as speaking to as many farmers as we could and joining forces with other lobby groups where appropriate. We now have influence at a State and national level on a range of grain industry issues. We believe we’ve achieved a great deal for the many like-minded grain growers we are proud to represent – many of whom have provided ongoing encouragement and policy direction along the way.

We currently have members from across the Geraldton, Kwinana and Albany port zones in the south-west of Western Australia.

If you’d like to get involved and find out more, there are three things you can do:

  • Head to WAGG communication via the top menu to read more about how we’ve represented the WA grains industry.
  • Contact one of the WAGG team directly to talk more about what interests you. 
  • Or consider a WAGG membership – your support and input would be invaluable to us.