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November 8, 2017

Doug Smith, Chairman of the WA Grains Group says ‘Farmers are receiving mixed messages as to the health of the industry.’ At a recent PISC (Primary Industry Steering Committee) meeting of the National Research Development and Extension Strategy a WA Grains Group member presented his own figures that showed regardless of yield and price his gross margin per hectare for wheat was flat lining from year to year. This indicated that there was a need to look deeper into the cause of this issue.

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The WA Grains Group has been a member of the Invest West Agribusiness Alliance (IWAA) for over twelve months.  The IWAA membership is open to all private and public organisations that wish to work together to improve the investment environment for the agriculture and food sector in Western Australia.  IWAA is a partnership between the Department of Agriculture and Food and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, the Alliance is to share investment knowledge, and promote Western Australia and facilitate successful investment.

When WA Grains Group members attended various functions it had occurred to them that there was no knowledge of farming being passed onto attendees (groups and organisations that were looking at investing in agriculture).  The other issue was that all of the events were held in the Metropolitan area where there are no farms.

The WA Grains Group with the Marshall family of Pingelly (Dutarning Farm) decided to extend an invitation to members of the alliance to visit a working farm that covered a variety of enterprises.  Thursday the 6th of November saw in excess of 60 people attend this networking event the first that IWAA has held outside of the metropolitan area since the alliance was launched in August 2013.

The bus from Perth arrived in good time for the farm tours to commence at 2.00 with the rest of the people making their way in their own vehicles.  The group was split in two, one group staying around the sheds for Andrew Marshall to explain the change of focus of the earlier days from wool production to the current focus on lamb production.  He covered the necessary requirements and issues of getting a prime lamb to market along with the associated costs.  He also touched on Export Hay.  The other group was on the bus being driven by Darren Baker to see the various crops and pastures.   Les Marshall informed those on the bus of what is required to get a crop from a seed to selling point and what end product it is purchased for.   Pastures were also covered, how they are managed, what makes a good pasture and commercial seed production.  Each tour took approximately an hour after which the group swapped over to the other tour.

2015 IWAA network event 1

Darren Marshall demonstrating the drafting of lambs according to weight.

The tours were followed by a welcome from Doug Clarke the Chairman of the WA Grains Group, an explanation of IWAA by Rob Delane Chairman of IWAA, ‘Country banking & Farmers’ by Darren Gooding of BankWest,  ‘Farming enterprise – as it is in WA’ by Andrew Marshall & Laurence Carslake, ‘Investment potential in grain storage & logistics’ by Kim Packer of Tamma Grains, the afternoon ended with a wrap up by Ray Marshall.  Refreshments, Prime Roast Lamb along with networking completed the day, with the bus leaving an hour late to return to Perth.

Many positive comments were received from those that attended, they appreciated being able to talk directly to farmers and improving their knowledge of the industry as they were not aware of what goes into making the final product.  Those that accepted the invitation from the WA Grains Group to visit Dutarning Farm were representatives from; Yuan’s Fresh Meats, Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, DAFWA, Singapore Chamber of Commerce WA, Bank of China, HopgoodGanim, CNH Industrial, Tomkins Turner Corporate Advisory, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre, KPMG, JGC Corporation, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Commonwealth Bank Migrant Financial Services Division, BankWest, Planfarm, ANZ, RaboBank, local businesses and farmers.

With assistance from the GRDC members of the WA Grains Group travelled to China in September to secure direct access to Chinese wheat markets and gain a greater understanding of wheat end-users in China for the purpose of value adding our grain products and better meeting market specifications in the process.

The WA Grains Group travelled with a technical team from Murdoch University. The Technical team consisted of members of the staff from the Australia China Centre for Wheat Improvement (ACCWI), Professor Rudi Appels, Professor Wujun Ma, and Hollie Webster Wheat Research Fellow BRur.Sc(Hons).

• Our first point of call was at the China Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS) where Professor Ma had studied as a student. It is located in Beijing, however when he was a student 20 years ago it was surrounded by wheat fields. CAAS houses the China arm of ACCWI, while we were there they pointed out the long involvement of the Academy with world wide collaboration with those involved in CIMMYT (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre) (Spanish Acronym). They work on Variety development such as processing quality, disease resistance, and yield potential. In more recent times they have applied themselves to Molecular Marker development application along with International networking, training and workshops. The other International agencies that they collaborate with include USDA centre for Wheat Quality and Pathology, Sino Australian China Centre for Wheat Improvement (Murdoch) and Sino-Japan Joint Noodle Quality Laboratories.

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