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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s notice to revoke CBH’s exclusive dealing notification is a win for grain growers in Western Australia:

The ACCC considers that it is likely that CBH will continue to be the dominant provider of grain receival, storage and handling services and port terminal services for grain and at least a major provider of transport services. However, as is already the case with bulk storage and handling providers in other states, other suppliers will be able to compete with CBH to provide services to transport grain to port for export.

Read the ACCC’s full media release here.

WA Grains Group responds to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s draft report on Grains Express, in December 2010.

“WAGG agrees that the notified tying arrangements substantially lessen competition in the market for grain transport in Western Australia and that the substantial anti-competitive detriments outweigh any public benefits resulting from the notified conduct.”

See WAGG’s full submission here.