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This ABC Country Hour report by Skye Shannon discusses CBH Group’s governance as it moves one step closer to a new structure.

Download the ABC broadcast here. Beware, it’s quite a large file (16 MB).

In this Powerpoint presentation, WA Grains Group compares WA’s fobbing costs compared to other Australian states and the rest of the world.

“In 2008, part of a CBH document claimed that WA growers had access to the cheapest storage and handling in Australia . . . but by the time the document was distributed to growers, CBH charges had already escalated to be comparable with other companies.”

View the full presentation here.

Western Australian Electoral Commission has advised the CBH Group that there are 14 nominations for this year’s Director Elections.

“The nominations include current CBH Group Directors Trevor Badger and Kevin Fuchsbichler who are both standing again for re-election as their three-year terms as a Director expire at the CBH Group’s AGM on 30 March, 2010.”

To view the full list of candidates, see the attached article.