Archives For Cooperative Bulk Handling

A press clipping from the Australian Financial Review in 2010, entitled AWB accuses grain handlers of stifling competition.

“The former monopoly wheat exporter says that CBH, Graincorp and Viterra are emerging as regional monopolies, using their ownership of export infrastructure to disadvantage rivals.”

Read the full AFI article here.

Western Australian Electoral Commission has advised the CBH Group that there are 14 nominations for this year’s Director Elections.

“The nominations include current CBH Group Directors Trevor Badger and Kevin Fuchsbichler who are both standing again for re-election as their three-year terms as a Director expire at the CBH Group’s AGM on 30 March, 2010.”

To view the full list of candidates, see the attached article.

An article from The West Australian on September 16, 2009, entitled Farmers urged to bypass CBH after revamp of fees.

“By withdrawing its time-based storage fee, which was calculated as tonnes in storage at the beginning of each month, CBH has now introduced an upfront $10 receival and storage fee coupled with a $17.10 port terminal charge, regardless of when the wheat is exported.”

View a clipping of the full West Australian article here.