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The new members of the Grains Research and Development Corporation’s Western Region Panel have been announced: Chair is Peter Roberts, and panel members are Ralph Burnett, Narelle Moore, Bill Ryan, Darren Hughes, John Evan, Mike Ewing, Shauna Stone, Leecia Angus and Vince Logan.

Find a full biography on each Western Region Panel member here.

WAGG presents a straightforward submission to Grains Research & Development Corporation in response to the ten questions asked in GRDC’s report, “Investment Analysis of Research, development and Extension Issues in Australian Grain Farming Systems”.

“We believe that the GRDC needs to re-assess its stakeholder base and go back to its mission statement in returning real value to growers. It is time to redress the balance of power within the GRDC stakeholder base.”

Read WAGG’s full submission here.

In this interview ABC Country Hour reporter Sky Shannon talks to WAGG chair Doug Clarke about the group’s proposal to scrap the Grains Research and Development Corporation in favour of a WA-based research group.

Download the full ABC audio here. Beware, it’s a large file (8.6 MB).